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I must admit that I become more propelled with ur thought provoking response. Fatwas (Islamic legal resolution) have always been issued on terrorism e.g Fatwa on terrorism by Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri which has been widely received and acknowledged. The 512-page English book version of the fatwa — Fatwa on Terrorism and Suicide Bombings — (London: Minhaj-ul-Quran, 2011. ISBN 978-0-9551888-9-3) has a foreword by John Esposito and an introduction by Joel Hayward, both of whom share Qadri's scholarly assessment that, REGARDLESS OF ANY INTENTION, THE EVIL OF TERRORISM REMAINS EVIL AND MUST BE EXPOSED, OPPOSED AND CONDEMNED.
The Fatwa on Terrorism has been officially endorsed by Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt.  In January 2011, the fatwa was discussed at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2011. In June 2011, Pope Benedict XVI received a copy of the fatwa from representatives of Minhaj Interfaith Relations. The Pope reportedly appreciated that it promoted peace, harmony and interfaith dialogue.
The Fatwa on Terrorism has been reviewed positively by international scholars including Kemal Argon who published a review of the Fatwa on Terrorism in the The Journal of Rotterdam Islamic and Social Sciences, Vol. 2, No. 1, 2011, pp.149-160. Islamic University of Rotterdam, Netherlands. The fatwa received widespread media attention and was positively covered by the international press.[4]
According to CNN, experts see the fatwa as a significant blow to terrorist recruiting. CNN's Amanpour show added the fatwa summary to its website and declared it to be fatwa for peace, while the US State Department declares the fatwa to be significant step in taking Islam back from terrorists. Douglas Murray has also supported the Fatwa on Terrorism in an article published by the Evening Standard. (All these information are available online)
 However, the world as it is today is driven more by political and economic ambition than peace and tranquility.
Let us take the on-going tussle in Nairobi, Kenya as a case study. The media has been awashed with extremists carrying out the dastardly act. A little probing into the scenario is leaving me with a new reasoning about the happening. Today, a world press without Western influence just relayed the account of CNN about 3 Americans linked with the deadly attack ( Yet what we read is quite different. Even, Nigerian Tribune today reports that “Nairobi massacre led by white English widow” . The obviously reasonable question should be why someone from developed nation would act in that wise?

Again, attacks are being simulated today to actually achieve a purposeful end. In Syria, for instance, the father of the present president Bashir Al-Assad was favourably disposed to the French colonial master and he was aided into presidency. He was also encouraged to invite his people with the same ideological leaning to government. Strangely, the western power are now asking for the head of their president in the name of “peace”! Why? In order not to bother u much, Bashir Al-Assad belongs to Alawite an offshoot of Shia Islam which believe strictly in peaceful world and good neighbourliness as against the Wahabism who belief in physical fight to achieve an end means. However, Syria is one of the largest oil producer in the world and the country has strong economic ties with Russia, Iran and China. Infact, Russia has a military base in Syria including intelligent systems to monitor what is going on. Because of the need for western power to harness their empire and shape policies of the middle east, civilian unrest has been staged via Al-Nushra which is linked to Al-Qaeda and strongly supported by NATO and western allies like Saudi Arabia etc. U will recall that nuclear weapon was used as “false flag” to attack Iraq, the 2nd largest oil producer in the world and a country with strong economic ties with Russia and China. Till date, no offensive nuclear weapons has been discovered in Iraq, yet millions of innocent civilian has been brutally murdered and social, economic and educational values destroyed, thus turning the surviving ones to fundamentalists. A western backed puppet is now the president in Iraq and their oil field is controlled by US. What does that suggest to you about Syria?

Again, why is it that the rebels in Syria were caught with chemical weapons about 8 months ago and no eyebrows were raised? Why is Russia and China strongly veto UN resolution in support of Bashir Al-Assad? Why is it that during the last G-20 meeting in Russia early this month, 11 countries (including Russia, China, Brazil, Germany, Argentina, India etc) supported political solution as against military action in Syria in favor of Bashir Al-Assad? Why is it that despite terrorism rulings against the Glorious Quranic dictates, Saudi Arabia has been supporting the rebels including funding and strongly voted in support of USA action? Why did Pope Francis write the G-20 leaders on behalf of Vatican for a peaceful resolution? Why did Pope Francis declare a day of fasting in Vatican in favour of Syrian civilians? Have there be any military invasion in the past that achieve peaceful end including the one in LIBYA?

Again, do you think Nigeria will have been enmeshed in economic challenges if oil has not been discovered? What was the socio-cultural situation in Nigeria before oil boom? Whose interest is Nigerian oil serving now? And Chevron, Shell, Agip and co are they serving us or otherwise? These and many more questions simply call for careful re-engagement on the subject of terrorism and call for personal reflection. Pls endeavour to read the minds of the following international experts on peace, terrorism and international diplomacy: Finian Cunningham, Jim W. Dean, Gordon Duff and David Swanson.

More importantly, you should endeavour to READ ABOUT EDWARD SNOWDEN – A WHISTLEBLOWER WORKING FOR NSA IN USA. (Pls google the name on the Internet).
Remember the philosophical thought of Usman dan Fodio that : A nation can endure with disbelief but no nation endure with injustice. Once again, I appreciate ur thought

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