Friday, 27 February 2015


Atheists, agnostics and scientists in their molds seek to disprove the existence of Almighty Allah and claim that creation of heaven and earth is a product of “Big Bang”.
Undoubtedly, Almighty Allah created the heavens and the earth and everything in between them in “six days” as 

He says:

“And indeed We created the heavens and the earth and everything all between then in six days and nothing of 
fatigue touched Us” – Quran 50:38.

One of those numerous creatures of the Supreme Being is Moon with unique signs that prove the existence of Almighty Allah (SW). The Glorious Quran specifically talks about Moon as a mathematical calibrator for measuring time and by extension for calendar. Quran examines the role of moon (and sun) as creatures that follow divine arithmetic order (Hisab) thus:

“The sun and the moon follow courses exactly computed” – Quran 55:5.
"It is He who made sun a lamp, and the moon a light and fixed the phases, so that you can count years and Hisab." - Quran 10:5.

"And He who made the night for rest and sun and moon for reckoning of time. This is the decree of the Exalted, the All-knowing." - Quran 6:96.

Again, crescent moon is the standard to be used for reckoning of time as stipulated in Holy Quran thus:

They ask you about the waxing and waning phases of the crescent moons, say they are to mark fixed times for mankind and Hajj” – Quran 2:189.

Moreover, moon is the measure of months and ordained orbits of celestial bodies as revealed in the Glorious Quran:
"The number of months in the sight of Allah is twelve (in a year) so ordained by Him the day He created the heavens and the earth; of them four are sacred; that is the straight usage.......Verily the transposing (of a prohibited month) is an addition to unbelief: the unbelievers are led to wrong thereby: for they make it lawful one year and forbidden another year in order to adjust the number of months forbidden by Allah and make such forbidden ones lawful. The evil of their course seems pleasing to them. But Allah guideth not those who reject faith." - Quran 9:36-37.

"And the moon, we have measured for her mansions (to traverse) till she returns like the old, (withered, and curved-up like a sickle) date-palm. It is not permitted for sun to catch-up the moon, nor can the night outstrip the day; each swims along in (its own) orbit." - Quran 36:39-40.

In conclusion, just as it was stated by Seyid Ali bin Abi Talib (QW) that the secret of Majesty of Allah (SW) can be understood through His creatures, the natural occurrence of Moon offers a unique sign of the existence of the Almighty Allah (SW) that atheists, agnostics and others seek to deny. We besiege Allah to let us see truth as truth and falsehood as falsehood (Amen).

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