Friday, 20 February 2015


In Geology, the phenomenon of folding is a recently discovered fact that is responsible for the formation of mountain ranges. The earth’s crust, on which we live, is like a solid shell, while the deeper layers are hot and fluid, and thus inhospitable to any form of life. Since the crust is thin, it has a high possibility of shaking while Mountains act like stakes or tent pegs that hold the earth’s crust and give it stability.

Again, Dr Frank Press who was once the President of Academy of Sciences in USA and Science Advisor to President Jimmy Carter, illustrated in the geological book “Earth” that mountain as a wedge-shape and mountain itself as a small part of the whole, whose root is deeply entrenched in the ground. He concluded that mountains play an important role in stabilizing the crust of the earth.

The Glorious Quran, as a divine book of scientific wisdom, explains about 1400 years ago the function of the mountains in preventing the earth from shaking that:

“Have We not made the earth as a wide expanse, and the mountains as pegs?” – Quran 78:6-7.


“And We have set on the earth mountains standing firm” – Quran 21:31

Moreover, mountain formations occur at the boundary of the plates which are the strong foundations on which mountains stand. The Glorious Quran also speaks about the strong mountain foundations in the following verse:

“And the mountains hath firmly fixed….” – Quran 79:32. A similar message is contained in the Quran in 88:19, 31:10 and 16:15.

The earlier Quranic descriptions are in perfect agreement with modern geological data. Thus, the Quran invites all human being to reflect on the creation of this universe in the verse:

“Behold! In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the alternation of Night and Day, there are indeed Signs for men of understanding” – Quran 3:190.

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