Friday, 20 February 2015


Monotheism as a theory can stand on its own, but as a belief system, it becomes a contradiction, especially as expressed in the religious systems of its adherents. That is why for the most part, monotheists are usually frauds and most of them really do not believe there is one God, simply because they don't act like it.

The first dominant monotheists are the Jews. They believe in one supreme God and Creator. Yet, it somehow made sense to them in ancient times to wipe out other tribes for not "believing" in their God. Now, that is like saying my father gave birth to my brother and I. He revealed himself to me as my Dad but did not reveal himself to my brother. For the crime of not knowing him and living with our neighbour as his adopted father, my Dad orders me to go and kill my brother. Now, just because my own brother does not believe my Dad is his Dad and follows another man (or god) as his father, he is qualified to be killed and wiped out!

Monotheists therefore are guilty of the greater crime. For whilst my brother believes in many Daddies (polytheism) and that many Daddies can birth a child, a monotheist is supposed to know the truth that my Dad is his Dad. Since none of the monotheists ascribe the creation of any part of humanity to the devil, they are supposed to be the one championing the brotherhood of all human beings. Instead, they are the ones at the forefront of division and decimation of the human race on account of not knowing their true father!

The second group of pure monotheists are the Muslims. For the fundamental ones, the crime all other members of humanity have committed is a refusal or unwillingness to "believe" in their true Dad. For this crime, they are called “kafir” or unbelievers. This derogatory term qualifies the non-muslim, in the eyes of the fundamental, to be killed, decapitated and wiped out. Such fundamental Muslims are the least sincere. Their willingness to kill the creatures of the one God simply because they don’t believe or accept him does not make sense. For since I believe in only one Dad, I must know that either my brother accepts it or not, my Dad gave birth to him. So what sense is there when I say that for not living in our house and living with another family, my Dad (and his own Dad for that matter) has ordered me to go and kill him?!


I know a guy whose daughter used to say to the mum that my friend was not her father. He used to laugh it off but the little girl was serious. She kept at it for about a year till she outgrew it. I would have expected this issue of I believe Daddy is my Dad or not to be a passing issue for anyone who in claiming only one creator accepts that ignorance of paternity does not obliterate paternity. If you truly believe that there is one God, then you will KNOW that he is the maker of the Kafir. And either the Kafir knows it or not, you at least know your God made him. His IGNORANCE therefore, at least in your own eyes, should not obliterate the fact you claim to believe with so much certainty. In this respect, the claim of monotheism by any Muslim who denigrates others as Kafir is ludicrous.

Now, the Christians are the smartest and the most creative. First, they split their monotheism into three manifestations (all the while swearing it is one). Having done this, they introduced a separation between Daddy and Maker. So it's not the same way that Frankenstein's Dad is his maker. No. In this sense, if you accept the first manifestation of God (contradictorily referred to as ‘God the Father’) but don't accept the second manifestation of God (God the Son), you are condemned to the realm of product of the Dad (creature), not a child of the Dad (sonship). For the fundamental Christian, there is the “unbel”, who like the Muslim “Kafir” is seen as a walking dead and food for the Devil. He is regarded as not being alive yet, as his spirit is supposed to be dead and is yet to be “born”. He is seen to be less than human, undeserving of grace and destined to eternal destruction. Not because he did not believe in God the Father, but because he did not believe in God the Son! Lol!

Interestingly, the Muslims reject the concept of sonship. So it's not like accepting the Islamic faith makes you a son and not accepting leaves you a creature. In this sense, the Islamic solution may make more sense. Because the Muslim’s status is that of a slave and any slave that refuses to acknowledge his master deserves to be put to death! I mean what insolence! This is definitely consistent with that strict Arabic culture and so is understandable even if not sensible. But the Christians will find it tough as to why a believer in God the Father will be damned for not accepting God the Son. He is on the one hand a believer and yet still an unbeliever. To the Christian, all the Jews definitely fall into this category, except the accept God the Son.

The fundamental Jews share the same sentiment as their cousins, the Muslims. Unbelief in their God, is enough reason for a tribe to be wiped out. But they give no basis for appreciating such absurdity. I mean, what kind of Dad sends some of his own children to brutally wipe out other children of his, just because they are not convinced he's their Dad (chosen race status notwithstanding)?

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